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Making Art
For a Genius, trying to make art is like setting the world on fire and expecting to end up with a sellable commodity. The true nature of art-making is compromise. You have to speak down to the people in order to get their attention while making sure that they don't feel like they're being talked-down to. They need to feel entertained without suspecting that what they are engaging in is mere entertainment. They need to be stimulated without the stimulation hinting at unpleasant things they'd rather avoid and which unconsciously led the to the circumstance of wanting to be entertained in the first place.

For people without Genius, people who are barely more conscious than dogs or cats, it's easy to make art. They have all the confidence of oblivious morons. They don't see nor do they care what their activity is leading them to, only that it feels good and it gets the attention of other people who, for the most part, are more timid when it comes to attention whoring themselves through art. They do have some consciousness and the essence of Genius is nothing but consciousness. They are connected to what they fear (Truth) but for this very reason, do not dare to get too close to it. Their fearful, expectant nature keeps them delighted at the periphery. Every so often, one of their type will inch a fraction of an inch closer to the center, which has been obscured by fear and the slight disturbance this causes will be a cause for celebration as long as any significant implications are conveniently ignored and forgotten.


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